Thanks to its compact wheel base, the wheels of the Apullma mobile conveyors cannot be easily covered when used in high fills: two thirds of the conveyor belt are free-floating.

In case, however, a wheel does get covered, the conveyor can be pulled from the fill without twisting, even if it has to be moved like a see-saw to the right and left. For this purpose, the front wheel axle has a reinforcing frame that is connected with both the rear chassis as well as the belt body.

Despite the robust design of the tractor-grade mobile conveyors it is still possible to move them manually.

Apullma‘s new mobile stainless steel conveyors are particularly suitable for damp, abrasive and corrosive materials such as fertilizers and salts.

The conveyors have a reinforced wheel axle, which can be drawn from a fill without being twisted.

The inlet funnel height (65 cm) has been optimized for truck filling.

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