Flexible and Fast

Our production and assembly/installation for individual customer solutions is designed around the shop principle. For each individual customer order a team of specialists is assigned to the complete manufacturing process. This form of interpretation is ideal, in view of the customer requirements to guarantee maximum flexibility. At the same time we constantly invest in machines and facilities, to establish an efficient lay out for the conveyor technique share of our series production. Thereby we increase, step by step, productivity of our standard components in the production flow direction, without ignoring the high degree of customising our customer solutions.

CNC and metal work

As much automated manufactured machinery as possible, as much individual customised production as necessary. Following this principle, we design, create and construct components. Trustworthy components are manufactured in small batches using CNC. The large proportion of prefabricated components for our own production or purchase ensures the high quality of our individual and innovative solutions to series prices.

Welding and Assembly

Components used in our assemblies, which lead to handling problems are returned for review within the construction design. Our objective is to maintain our plants during continuous operation without any problems. When you view our solutions, you will see that even though they are complex, they are clearly structured and easy to handle by your own technical staff for maintenance and repair work.

Control integration

The increase of automation and the integration of horizontal and vertical conveyor systems necessitates that flexibility is increasingly integrated into the manufacturing process of the so-called continuous conveyor technology, to replace the functions that were previously carried out by separate devices. Conveyor Scales, Diverters or Stop & Go conveyors are some examples of intelligent conveyor technology. Naturally we integrate the appropriate solutions, electronics and control technology for your overall requirements.

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