Stainless Steel: This considerably heavier than simple metals processing material is Apullmas specialty. It requires compared to “normal steels” a significantly higher qualification in cutting, turning, drilling, grinding, welding, bending or forming.

High precision molding

To cut steel plates we use the innovative water jet technology. This avoids heating and burring on the material, making it possible to cut all types of stainless steel plates precisely and without deformations.

Careful Material Processing

In the processing of stainless steel, it is important to maintain the desired material properties. Improper welding or subsequent bending damages the corrosion protection of the stainless steel surface. Mechanical surface treatment alone cannot restore the damage.

Reliable protection against corrosion

Pickling the surface of stainless steel is an effective method of producing a reliable corrosion protection. We work closely with our subsidiary APV Surface Technology for an effective method to produce a reliable corrosion protection. More on the processing and corrosion protection of stainless steel surfaces can be found here.

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